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I’ve had a great time making a podcast with my friend and drummer Jonathan Greene, and we’ve just released the first episode! You can listen to it anywhere you listen to podcasts; iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or on Soundcloud from my page. Here is the full post from the Mr. Haircut site:

Welcome to the first episode of Mr. Haircut! John and Jonathan introduce the podcast and get into discussions about what improv can do, why improv is and which Fast and the Furious movie is the most fastest, interspersed with live improv performances in the studio and recordings of gigs they’ve played together.

Here is a video of the tune at the end of the podcast. This is a band I play with, the Russell Kelly Trio (Rk3), that covers pop tunes in a jazz format. I really enjoy this style of playing, and we incorporate a lot of improvisation in these.

This isn’t the exact recording of the tune in the podcast – my video from that night cut Jonathan and Russell out of the picture, so it’s just a big shot of my face the whole night… I figured you would rather see the whole band. This was 2-12-16.

There is another excerpt from a tune at the very end of the podcast, another one from the same night. I’ve included that exact video for you! Just my face. And Haircut, of course.

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