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The original! The one and only! This is the Mr. Haircut that started Mr. Haircut. The poster that defined an era of posters. The Haircut that made haircuts the now thing.

Includes framed poster, headshot and 1+hrs of downloadable MP3’s from the John Ray Presents: Mr. Haircut concert.

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This poster is from a band I put together for a show in 2012, and caused a buzz around town, probably because of the majestic haircut featured on top of my face. If you want this iconic poster hanging framed in your house, watching you, and if you want the included signed ‘headshot’ to show off to your  friends, then this is for you!

Includes one framed Mr. Haircut poster (11×17″) and one headshot (4×6″) you will receive in the mail; downloadable hi-res digital versions, AND a downloadable LP with selections from the recorded concert! (This was a killer show, there is some great material in here)

This show was an early exploration into the improvised concert format I’ve started using at most of my shows, and the subject of the Mr. Haircut podcast.

“Purple Stuff”

Mr. Haircut, live at the Garage in Winston-Salem, NC.

Featuring Daniel Seriff on guitar, Bill Stevens on keyboard, Daniel Faust on drums, Russell Kelly on guitar, and myself on bass. Annalise Stalls, MC Renaissance, and Aaron Burris were also featured in the show. Daniel Seriff recorded the concert.

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