E-Ticket: John Ray Trio, Now it's the Future night 3

E-Ticket: John Ray Trio, Now it's the Future night 3


Now it’s the Future, a brand new, vintage album from present day’s future, newly remastered in Triple Surround Sound! This album was recorded over the course of a week in the mid-2019s at an old draft house called Southside Beer Garden in a city called Winston-Salem, under what is now the eastern Atlantic floating city of Newsalem. 

John Ray has been described as ‘the John Denver of Mars,’ and hailed as an early pioneer of the digital vibro-stringaphone. The John Ray Trio played five nights straight for their summer residency, July 15-19 2019. The goal of this residency was to create the space, mental and physical, to record a live improv album. The band recorded a live album of original composed music the previous summer (Vintage Astronaut, available on all music enabled planets), and the goal this year was to document what they had been working on since then; creating music with the full melodic, harmonic and rhythmic depth of their composed material, but channeling the energy and vibe of the present time and place, in the past. 

You will get an exclusive free download of a previously unreleased live recording from the John Ray Trio with this purchase! Your download code will be emailed to you along with the Secret Picture you will use for entry. 

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This purchase will be good for one entry to the show on 7/17/19 at Southside Beer Garden in Winston-Salem. After purchase, you will receive an email with a secret picture attached, display this picture to Josh at the bar instead of paying the cover charge there. Please do not share the secret picture - that’s like stealing a ticket. Don’t do that to your favorite local musicians!