Now It's The Future // Album Pre-Order

Now It's The Future // Album Pre-Order

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Now; the only time after yesterday that matters to any great extent to the humans of tomorrow. Now is actually the only time when this music was written, performed, and recorded. The sounds you will extract from this digital file were driven directly from chaos, pulled, stretched and aligned by three masters of spontaneous energetic transformation. The vibrations were shaped without any preconceived plan; neigh, the only concept these three masters had conceived of before the act of transformation was purity of spirit and blankness of mind. Space was created, where, for five nights in a row, creation was able to occur largely unfettered by logistical concerns and superficial extranieties. 

// Jonathan Greene, drums

// Michael Kinchen, keys

// John Daniel Ray, bass

Art by Suzanna Ritz ©2019

©2019 Mr. Haircut Records

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Pre-order this album now in either CD or digital format. Delivery will be made as soon as the album is finished in production, estimated September 2019. If you order a digital download, you will be emailed a digital copy of the album directly as MP3 files, as well as a code that will let you stream and download hi-def files from Bandcamp via the Bandcamp app for IOS and Android. If you order a CD, they will be shipped to your door as soon as they finish in production. Thank you for being a part of this album! We couldn't do this without you!